Thursday, December 26, 2013

Josh Ford Motorsports in 2014 | SCHEDULE | DRIVERS | FOCUS

JFM is putting together a 2014 Schedule geared toward competing strongly in both the USAC CRA Sprint Car Series and the West Coast Sprint Car Series.

We will have the skilled wheelman Nic Faas out of Huntington Beach, running the CRA and West Coast races while the talented Marcus Niemela from Rauma, Finland will be running the West Coast and some of the CRA as well. Both of these drivers are very well known and have been racing in some form or another from a very early age. These two drivers are veterans, we have high aspirations for them and are thrilled to have them in our racing family for the 2014 racing year!! @nic_faas | @markusniemela

Josh Ford Motorsports will be in several NON-USAC sanctioned events throughout the year as well as some National races, though we will be focused on the CRA and West Coast Series’. We have not finalized our 2014 Schedule just yet, though our intentions are to run every race in each of these series’ and race for points.




January 24: *Canyon Speedway - Peoria, AZ (Winter Challenge / $2,000-to-Win / Non-Points)
January 25: *Canyon Speedway - Peoria, AZ (Winter Challenge / $2,000-to-Win / Non-Points)
January 26: *Canyon Speedway - Peoria, AZ (Winter Challenge / $3,000-to-Win / Non-Points)
January 30: *Canyon Speedway - Peoria, AZ (Winter Challenge / $2,000-to-Win / Non-Points)
January 31: *Canyon Speedway - Peoria, AZ (Winter Challenge / $2,000-to-Win / Non-Points)
February 1: *Canyon Speedway - Peoria, AZ (Winter Challenge / $5,000-to-Win / Non-Points)
March 6: *The Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway - Las Vegas, NV (Sin City Showdown / $2,500-to-Win / Grudge Series)
March 14: Thunderbowl Raceway - Tulare, CA
March 22: Bakersfield Speedway - Bakersfield, CA
March 29: Kings Speedway - Hanford, CA (Gary Jacob Memorial)
April 25: #Kings Speedway - Hanford, CA
April 26: #Thunderbowl Raceway - Tulare, CA
May 16: #Ocean Speedway - Watsonville, CA
May 17: #Thunderbowl Raceway - Tulare, CA
May 31: #Thunderbowl Raceway - Tulare, CA
June 7: Kings Speedway - Hanford, CA
June 21: Thunderbowl Raceway - Tulare, CA
July 19: Kings Speedway - Hanford, CA
August 2: Kings Speedway - Hanford, CA (Billet Cup / $2,500-to-Win)
August 8: #Ocean Speedway - Watsonville, CA
August 9: #Chowchilla Speedway - Chowchilla, CA
September 27: *Canyon Speedway Park - Peoria, AZ (Brawl For It All / $2,500-to-Win / Grudge Series / Non-Points)
November 6: *Perris Auto Speedway - Perris, CA (Oval Nationals / $2,500-to-Win / Grudge Series)
November 20: *Canyon Speedway Park - Peoria, AZ (Western World Championships / Non-Points)
November 21: *Canyon Speedway Park - Peoria, AZ (Western World Championships / Non-Points)
November 22: *Canyon Speedway Park - Peoria, AZ (Western World Championships / $7,500-to-Win / Non-Points)
* = Co-Sanctioned Event with USAC Southwest Sprints.
# = Co-Sanctioned Event with USAC Western Classic Sprints.
This schedule is subject to change.


2014 AMSOIL USAC/CRA Sprint Schedule


February 28 - Peoria, AZ/Canyon Speedway Park
March 1 - Peoria, AZ/Canyon Speedway Park
March 15 - Perris, CA/Perris Auto Speedway
April 12 - Perris, CA/Perris Auto Speedway
May 3 - Perris, CA/Perris Auto Speedway
May 10 - Ventura, CA/Ventura Raceway
May 24 - Perris, CA/Perris Auto Speedway
June 14 - Perris, CA/Perris Auto Speedway
June 27 - Watsonville, CA/Ocean Speedway
June 28 - Petaluma, CA/Petaluma Speedway
July 4 - Perris, CA/Perris Auto Speedway
Jul 5 - Santa Maria, CA/Santa Maria Speedway
August 16 - Perris, CA/Perris Auto Speedway
August 30 - #Calistoga, CA/Calistoga Speedway
August 31 - #Calistoga, CA/Calistoga Speedway
September 4 - #Chico, CA/Silver Dollar Speedway
September 5 - #Watsonville, CA/Ocean Speedway
September 6 - #Santa Maria, CA/Santa Maria Speedway
September 13 - Perris, CA/Perris Auto Speedway
October 11 - Hanford, CA/Kings Speedway
November 7 - @Perris, CA/Perris Auto Speedway
November 8 - @Perris, CA/Perris Auto Speedway
November 14 - @Peoria, AZ/Canyon Speedway Park
November 15 - @Peoria, AZ/Canyon Speedway Park

# = Co-Sanctioned Event
@= Also Award National points

Also throughout the year, we will race several select Midget races as it works into our schedule, though again we are focused on the USAC CRA and USAC West Coast.

When our schedule is finalized we will post it here and on the site on our Schedule Page. This year by the start of race season we will have a Feedback Page and soon a JFM Forum. We already have all of the highlights from last year at our JFM Blog.

Please follow us every race @jfm_racing throughout the year! We will update continuously during the race all the latest. #jfmracing |

We look forward to an incredibly exciting and successful 2014 and appreciate all our fans, partners and racing family for helping make this all possible!

Friday, December 13, 2013

JFM Announces the drivers for Chili Bowl Nationals 2014!

Nic Faas and Trey Marcham will be driving for Josh Ford Motorsports in the 2014 Chili Bowl.

presented by General Tire
National Midgets

NIC FAAS - #73

Nic Faas, born Sptember 29th, 1989, out of Huntington Beach, CA has been racing his whole life, ad racing well! Nic moved quickly from BMX racing at age 5 to Quarter Midget racing at 7, where he had an illustrious 7 years with many championships including 3 Regional Southwest Championships, 5 California Monza Championships, 4 Winter National Championships, 2 100 Lapper Championships and 1 National Championship!
Faas started racing Midgets in 2006 getting a Ford Focus Midget where he ran a full season in the Dirt Series. In 2007 he ran both pavement and dirt and had a successful rookie year winning the dirt and getting 2nd on pavement. In 2008 he was signed to run for Western Speed Racing moving up to the 410 Sprints where he won Rookie of The Year.
Nic has placed in the Top 10 in his last 10 races, winning the last 2 sanctioned races!
Nic has always loved racing, always places in the top with whatever he drives and is just, well, a talented driver! | Twitter @nic_fass | Instagram nic_faas
We are just one month away from the one of best and biggest national midget events of the year! Kevin Swindell has dominated the Chili Bowl Nationals for years. JFM with Nic Faas and Trey Marcham will look to put a stop to this dynasty.


Trey Marcham out of New Castle, OK is an experienced driver with over 11 years’ experience racing A-Class, Non-wing, and Multi/Outlaw dirt cars on tracks in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, and Illinois.

He has experience racing USAC and BCRA midgets in California and Arizona.

He also has two years’ experience racing NASCAR late models on asphalt in North and South Carolina and Tennessee, running in both the Southeast Limited Late Model and the United Auto Racing Association (UARA) series. Given the multiple venues and styles of cars, he has proven that he is able to read the track and other driver styles to be able to make appropriate adjustment, find fast lines, and pass other drivers to take the lead. He is a 6-time point champion and 3-time Rookie of the Year winner. Recent honors include winning the USAC Western States Midget Rookie of the Year honors, winning the BCRA midget race in Petaluma Speedway in California, sweeping two twin late model feature races at Myrtle Beach Speedway, and winning both the A-Class and Non-wing A Features at the 2012 Inaugural Donnie Ray Crawford Memorial/Race4Life in Tulsa, Oklahoma. | @TreyMarcham32

In our next blog we will present Nic and Trey and more on their driving careers and bio's.

JFM will be providing more details in the upcoming weeks as we get closer to Chili Bowl 2014 - 30 Days!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Josh Ford Motorsports – 2013 – Another incredibly exciting and winning year!

JFM wraps up another successful year of Sprint and Midget racing throughout the west coast and nationally. Headlines like, “Winning the final race of the year, Dave Darland takes the checkered flag at PAS for the 73rd Running of the Turkey Night Grand Prix!!” and “Bernal and JFM are 2013 Western Classic Champions!” were all too common for JFM this 2013!

-          JFM 2013 Highlights

Winner of 12 Feature Races
Top Ten finishes 34 Feature Races
Winner of 8 of 12 races consecutively
Winner of the Western Classic Sprint Series 2013
Winner of the 73rd Running ‘Turkey Night Grand Prix’

We are so appreciative of all our fans for following us and our drivers each weekend, through Nationals Week and for all the Special Events we were a part of this season! Our fans and racing family are the driving force behind the scenes that keep us all of us at JFM inspired and always aiming for the Winners Circle!

-          JFM 2013 Drivers

Josh Ford Motorsports, Inc. has been putting some of the best and most talented drivers over the more than 22 years we have had this team. In 2013, we literally put the most talented and prolific drivers this sport has seen in some time.

Kyle Larson
Bryan Clauson
Ryan Bernal
Bud Kaeding
Jon Stanbrough
Matt Mitchell
Dave Darland
Jac Haudenschild
Kevin Thomas Jr
Troy Rutherford
Greg Edenholm

We can’t say nearly enough about our amazing partners for their time and generosity with everything they put into to this team. We recognize everything they do and know we could not be where we are today without their part in this.

-          JFM 2013 Partners

Berry Pack

A&A Precision Machine CNC

King Racing Products

Pacific Coast Maintenance Service

Cam2 / Blue Blood Racing Oils

CSI Competition Suspension

Bob Wirth Racing Engines

Lee Power Steering

Fontana Racing Engines
Factory Khane Shocks
Michael Payne's SEO

Josh Ford Motorsports, Keith Ford, George Ito, Josh Ford with Crew Chief Jimmy May and Mikey Evans and the whole JFM Team is looking to 2014 with even higher expectations than this past year. We are securing some elite talent to pilot our always fast and competitive sprint and midget cars!