Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ryan Bernal, Bryan Clauson, Kyle Larson & Ronnie Gardner at the 6th Annual Louie Vermeil Classic

6th Annual Louie Vermeil Classic - Calistoga Speedway, Calistoga, CA

August 31st & September 1st, 2013

Josh Ford Motorsports, Inc. has got some of the best racers in the business for the Louie Vermeil Classic late next month. We will be racing the USAC Western Midgets and the USAC CRA 410’s.

Calistoga Speedway
435 N. Oak St.
Calistoga, California
Phone: (707) 942-5111      





We are going to be running the following drivers for these days at these locations:

August 31, 2013

Ryan Bernal

Ryan Bernal & Ronnie Gardner


September 1, 2013

Ryan Bernal & Bryan Clauson

Ryan Bernal & Kyle Larson

We are excited and looking forward to some awesome racing August 31 and September 1! We hope to see all of our fans, our partners and everyone out there!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Wrap Up - July 12th through July 20th, 2013

Josh Ford Motorsports, Ryan Bernal, Jimmy May, the JFM King Racing Products / A & A Precision CNC Machine / Berry Pack #73, and the whole team went to Indiana for an incredibly exciting week of racing! We had some thrilling races and a few disappointments. The experience was something we wouldn't have missed.

Gas City I-69 Speedway, Gas City, IN - Friday, July 12
We had a pretty solid first night here in Gas City, making to the main and finishing 18th.

Qualified: 35th
Consolation Qualifying: 2nd
Heat 4: 5th
Semi: 18th
Feature: 18th

Kokomo Speedway, Kokomo, IN - July 13, 2013
Making it to the Main and running strong, Ryan got into some trouble and flipped. The car could not recover enough to be competitive and we called it half way through the Feature.

Qualified: 14th
Heat 2: 4th
Feature: NT

Lawrenceburg Speedway, Lawrenceburg, IN - July 14, 2013
Ryan Bernal was 17th quick and WINS his first heat race here in Indiana! Starting 16th JFM and Ryan take 17th in the Main.

Qualified: 17th
Heat 1: 1st
Feature: 17th

Terre Haute Action Track, Terre Haute, IN - July 17, 2013
After a few days to recollect, we got right back out there, prepared. Qualifying 21st and a few hiccups through the first heat, we pulled through the Semi and started 17th in the feature and took home a respectable 13th for the night.

Qualified: 21st
Heat 1: NT
Semi: 5th
Feature: 13th

Lincoln Park Speedway, Putnamville, IN - July 18, 2013
After qualifying 29th, we ran into some engine issues we could not get it straight. We called it after the first heat, bummed.
Qualified: 29th
Heat 1: 9th

Bloomington Speedway, Bloomington, IN – July 19, 2013
Friday night in Bloomington, Indiana! Josh Ford Motorsports, Ryan Bernal, Jimmy May and the team fired up the back-up #73 for Round 6 of ‘Indiana Sprint Week’! 46 of the nation’s best sprint car teams signed in for Friday night’s race.
This was the best night for everyone involved with JFM. Ryan kicked it off running 7th quick and running fast took 3rd in the 3rd heat. Starting on the pole in the main!! Bernal stayed strong and finished 5th!! Nice

Tri-State Speedway, Haubstadt, IN – July 20, 2013
Coming of the 5th place finish in Bloomington we were eager to get out there and keep moving up. The rain would not let up. The race was called and not rescheduled.

Josh Ford Motorsports, Inc. would like to take a minute to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of our Sponsors and everyone involved in getting us out there on the track!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bernal and JFM, out before it really got started Saturday night.

Santa Maria Speedway, Santa Maria, CA
5th Annual “Doug Fort Memorial”

Qualifying for last night’s race in Santa Maria Ryan Bernal driving the Josh Ford Motorsports A & A Precision CNC / King Racing Products #73 posted a 14.615 to put him 6th quick. Although we had a valve break during the qualifying and was not able to use the time for the #73 car.

Chris Ennis and his team pulled a completely classy move and let us run their 86 car so we could continue on. We can’t thank Chris and the whole crew enough.

Starting in the back in the 10 lap First Heat, Ryan out of Hollister, CA made his way up to take third. This put Bernal to begin the main in the 16th spot.

In the 30 lap Feature for the 5th Annual ‘Doug Fort Memorial’, Ryan and another car made contact in the first corner that broke the rear end of the #86, which caused the brakes to fail flipping him into the wall. We went home with a DNF.